Strawberry and cherry jam

Compatibile with Thermomix TM5 and TM31

Strawberry and cherry jam
50 min
800 g - 28 oz


  • 10 oz (pitted) cherries
  • 10 oz strawberries
  • 1 (granny smith) apples
  • 10 oz sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla


  1. Put into the bowl cherries and strawberries.
  2. Peel the apple and add the apple pulp (removing the core by slicing the pulp away from the apple).
  3. Add the sugar and the vanilla extract (to taste): 5 sec. speed 6.
  4. Put the steaming basket upside down on top to help catch any spatters: 35 min. temp. Varoma speed 2.
  5. Check the density by using a cold saucer and putting on it a teaspoon of jam.
  6. If needed continue to cook some minutes: 10 min. temp. Varoma speed 2.
  7. Transfer the hot jam into the glass jars, close ermetically and turn upside down until completely cold.